3INA, pronounced “Me-Na”, is a high quality makeup brand with affordable prices catering to the masses. A word I love to use for this brands concept is, “Masstige”. They are also bringing product trends to the market at a much faster rate than their competitors, which will be exciting to watch.

They currently have a store in Eastgate and will be opening in Sandton City Shopping Centre Mid-October 2016.



They only launched their first flagship store in London on the 22nd of Feburary 2016.

They use the same suppliers as Dior.

They are already in Australia, Greece, Italy, Malta & now South Africa. They will also be launching in Sweden soon.

3ina launch


THE 3 IN 1 FOUNDATION: This product has completely changed my daily make up routine. It lasts all day, no need for reapplication. It has a long lasting medium coverage made up of a primer, foundation & a concealer. Only priced at R299.95, with many skin colour variations to match your complexion.

THE PEN EYELINER: This item took 3INA the longest to develop, as they wanted the perfect easy to use eyeliner pen. This required 3INA to develop a tip that would easily glide onto the eyelid. Well Stylies, It is as perfect as they developed it. I have never been a fan of eyeliner pens, but this is a must try! It is also only priced at R149.95.

THE LONGWEAR LIPSTICK: For those ladies who hate it when lipstick smudges this is the perfect easily to apply lipstick for you. It resembles a lip-gloss but has long lasting wear for a full day, with no marks left on coffee cups! This product is priced at R149.95.

THE GEL NAIL POLISH: This is my absolute best!! As a lady who is very hard on her fingertips, this gel polish is one that truly lasts. I have tried many and they would only last a day or two. This Gel Polish lasted over a week and comes in all fun colours. For its longwear quality, It is also the cheapest in the market priced at R119.95 while THE GEL TOP COAT is only R99.95. Plus, No Gel lamp needed!


Stylies, this a definite MUST TRY BRAND. When you do – let me know what you think*

Bye for now!

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  1. The pen eyeliner sounds amazing. I see that they have a store in Eastgate and are now opening in Sandton. So super excited to try this product out. And the pricing is so affordable. A great win.

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